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Laugh at me

October 25, 2006

Laugh at me. Really. Next time you see me, just point and laugh and get it out of the way.  There are sometimes when I have a real deftness for daftness, and this is one of ’em.

About twenty minutes ago, I got back from rowing training, I went by my locker to get my cycle stuff and cycle home… but couldn’t find my keys.  No worries, they must be in my street clothes (I was still in training gear)… nope.  Fallen out in the bottom of my bag… er… no?

Turns out that I left them at the boat house… but that’s not the best bit.

The punchline to this little episode is that the University of Birmingham Boat Club, has it’s boat house in Worcester: 45 minutes away by a car I don’t have.

Oh, and just to recap, these are the keys to my locker, my bike lock… and my room!

So what does that make me? Royally screwed!

So, please, mock and scorn the fact that I am a complete idiot.

Epilogue:  Just in case you were wondering one of the other rowers is going to get my keys for me tomorrow – Ben’s sleeping rough tonight!