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Mon examen

May 21, 2007

My French exam was today. I got up early, and got ready to cycle in for the 9:30 start time. I went outside to the bike sheds at 9 and had a bit of trouble with my bike lock; I ended up leaving at quarter past.

No worries, I can still make it, I’ll just have to push it, I though to myself, and i did; I made the trip in about 10 minutes (a new record for yours truly) and locked my bike up outside the Avon Room, where I had checked and double checked the exam was.

I got to the top of the stairs and to the left hand door… which was locked. Ok, slight panic as was now 9:30 on the dot, fortunately I saw the other door, which was unlocked.

Slipping into the room, I started to get my stuff organised, pens, glasses, all that cal, and the invigilator came over to me asking me if I know my set number (of course, I don’t!). He asked me my surname and I told him.

He looks at his sheet; “James Kitz?” he asks.

I was a little taken aback, “er, Benjamin James Kitz, yes”

A little more consultation with his sheet, I saw that there were two Kitz’ on there, and I wasn’t one of ’em.

“What exam are you doing?” asked the invigilator.

“French Language.”

“There’s no French Language in here,” came his response.

Oh bugger, I thought to myself, and he didn’t know where the French Language exam was either. Oh, bugger!

So I’m outside the Avon Room, at 9:35, wondering where the hell my exam is. I suddenly remembered that I had put all my exam details into my phone calender, and considered that I might have misread it…

And I had…

The exam actually started at two.