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Active Karma

October 4, 2007

I’m sure most people have seen My Name is Earl. For those who haven’t, it looks at the idea of Karma: “do good things and good things happen to you; do bad things and bad things happen” is how the eponymous character explains it.

A few days ago I sat down at one of the tables in the university centre to eat my lunch.  There was a Chinese student sat with a load of luggage, waiting for his two friends.  We started talking; nothing major, just the standard questions of uni life, “what do you study,” etc.  In passing he mentioned that he and his friends had only arrived in England that day and had found that the university was unable to find them accomodation in university owned halls or housing.

I carried on talking to the guy (whose name was Jameson, by the way) and about five minutes later, during a lull in conversation, suddenly processed that he didn’t have anywhere to sleep that evening.  At the same time I remembered that my landlady had a few spare rooms.  I jumped on the phone to Teresa, and asked if she had 3 rooms spare.  She didn’t, but she had a friend who did!

I took down the number and tried to ring the new landlady, several times.  After an hour I finally got through to her, I explained the situation and she agreed to meet me at the flat she was letting in half an hour.  Jameson decided to go and look at the place while his friends looked after the bags, and as he didn’t know Brum, I guided him to the flat and then back to the university.

From here, I don’t know what happened, when I got back to the university the three students said they would stay with a friend in Selly Oak that evening and make a decision the folowing day, I wished them luck and went home…

The next day, I was at the Munrow Centre, I’d agreed to help move some equipment that the gym had donated to the rowing team, in exchange for the rowers helping to move some junk from a couple of cupboards to a skip.

“Before we get started, does anyone ski, and is anyone a size 11?”  the guy from the Munrow asked as he opened the store room, I am both so stuck my hand up, “there you go,” he said handing me a second hand pair of ski boots in a bag!  Apparantly, they had been there for as long as anyone could remember, so it was either that or to the skip with them.

So, I am now the proud owner of a pair of pretty good ski boots.  Was it Karma or just coincidence?  Maybe life likes to be a bit weird and throw in some nice quirks every now and again.  Nobody will ever know.  Like Earl says:

“Karma is a funny thing”