A more family-friendly Easter blog

Easter Sunday was a lot of fun.

I went to mass first thing in the morning, mainly to hear Robert and Waltraud sing in the choir.  It was much nicer than the singing in English churches – where it’s usually droning and mournful – you could actually believe people here when they sang “Hosanna”.

After the mass was over, I played with Heidi and Michael’s kids, which is new.  I tend to get exasperated by kids quickly.  I think it’s because I went to high school with so many little brats that I’m predisposed to think they’re all like that, but Heidi’s two are adorable and seem to bring out the Uncle Smashing gene in me.  So I played with them and took photographs to bring home to show my parents.  I also got to see Katharin and her husband and kids.  They came round for lunch and introduced me to the Austrian tradition of godparents giving their godchildren presents at Easter.

After lunch we went to Paul’s house and spent the afternoon in his garden.  He lives on the Kitzbühelerhorn, so his garden get’s the sun in the afternoon and there was a lot of sun to be had; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

There was an Easter Egg hunt organised, which I initally thought was just fo the kids, but no, the whole family had an Easter basket to find, including – I was surprised to discover – me!  I was at down watching everyone look when Paul mentioned that he had already seen mine, I was touched to be included as part of the family.  Even moreso when I discovered they had supplanted a chocolate egg in favour of beer.

My Easter Sunday in a nutshell

My Easter Sunday in a nutshell

Sitting there, I felt totally relaxed.  I still didn’t understand half of what was being said, but I was content to sit and drink and let it all wash over me.  I managed to get some more pictures, including a big family portrait.  I even got one of Heidi’s children on the balcony I used to play on as a kid when we got back to Robert and Waltraud’s; I’d brought the kids a big chocolate rabbit each and Heidi was good enough to help me use them as bribes.

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