Caught Up

You’ll forgive me for saying that this feels a little odd.  Not the act of blogging itself, no, what I find odd is the fact that I’m posting a blog directly to WordPress without changing the “date published” setting.  Even now, I find myself wanting to change the time to make it look like I’m not posting just before midnight, as if there’s some unwritten blogger’s code which marks me as some sort of deviant for doing so.

Up to now I’ve simply been copying and the relatively small number of blogs I’ve previously posted in various dark corners of the internet, changing the time and date to the original time and date of publication and leaving it at that.  Even this past fortnight, I was drafting these blogs in a diary to copy up neat here later.

However I realised around midway through my “Complicated” entry – the irony is not lost on me – that this method was a) pointless, as any form of computer-based word processing allows me to change and correct segments without leaving scribbles and lines through everything, making it b) a collossal waste of paper.

That said I now have a two thirds unfilled diary to find a use for…

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