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What is it about me and exams?

June 5, 2008

Tuesday 13 May, 2008.  Unlucky for some…

It was about Ten o’Clock in the morning and I was about to start a days revision from my Spanish exam the next day.  I’d had a bit of a lie in, and was finally ready to open the books… right after I check the internet.

I decided to double check where the exam was being held, just so I was sure, so I logged on to my university’s website and clicked along to the exams page, saw where the exam was being held, and at what time and on what date… oh fuck.

Oh fuck! The exam was today!!

Here was the dim realisation that I had missed the start of my Spanish exam and was now beyond the half-hour boundary that they permit late-comers into the exam room.  I had completely convinced myself that the exam was on Wednesday 14th May – which was in fact the date of my French exam – so much so that, ironically I had told my housemate that I wouldn’t be walking with him to university that day as I didn’t need to be on campus.

After I finished stressing over the fact that my parents were going to disown me, I headed out to the university quickly after that to try and do some damage control. The people in the Languages office (including a professor who is basically an English Doctor Cox) were a great help and advised handing in a mitigations form and said they would argue the case for me to do a sit before the end of the exam period as opposed to a resit, which they did manage to do.

Thursday 5th June, 2008

I completed the exam, which went far better than I imagined it would, and found out the reason the Spanish department were willing to give me a second chance with the exam.  Initially I had thought it was because it was my “first offence” and it had been a genuine mistake, but have now been corrected.

I had sat the exam with four other students who had made exactly the same mistake as me, I knew this before I went into the exam room.  What I didn’t find out until after the exam was that the Spanish lecturer who had watched over us during the exam had himself missed an exam he was supposed to invigilate, once again, because he confused the dates.  I’m thinking when a lecturer misses the exam, the pupils get a bit more leniency too

So does Hispanic Studies breed incompetence or are absent minded people generally drawn to the subject?


Mon examen

May 21, 2007

My French exam was today. I got up early, and got ready to cycle in for the 9:30 start time. I went outside to the bike sheds at 9 and had a bit of trouble with my bike lock; I ended up leaving at quarter past.

No worries, I can still make it, I’ll just have to push it, I though to myself, and i did; I made the trip in about 10 minutes (a new record for yours truly) and locked my bike up outside the Avon Room, where I had checked and double checked the exam was.

I got to the top of the stairs and to the left hand door… which was locked. Ok, slight panic as was now 9:30 on the dot, fortunately I saw the other door, which was unlocked.

Slipping into the room, I started to get my stuff organised, pens, glasses, all that cal, and the invigilator came over to me asking me if I know my set number (of course, I don’t!). He asked me my surname and I told him.

He looks at his sheet; “James Kitz?” he asks.

I was a little taken aback, “er, Benjamin James Kitz, yes”

A little more consultation with his sheet, I saw that there were two Kitz’ on there, and I wasn’t one of ’em.

“What exam are you doing?” asked the invigilator.

“French Language.”

“There’s no French Language in here,” came his response.

Oh bugger, I thought to myself, and he didn’t know where the French Language exam was either. Oh, bugger!

So I’m outside the Avon Room, at 9:35, wondering where the hell my exam is. I suddenly remembered that I had put all my exam details into my phone calender, and considered that I might have misread it…

And I had…

The exam actually started at two.